Bespoke training with Rory Z

There are currently 3 different options for bespoke training with Rory, they are:

  • Private 1-to-1 training (in person)

  • Online (or telephone) 1-to-1 mentoring

  • Video analysis consultancy

Read on for more details about each of the options…

1-to-1 training (in person)

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As well as the ‘group’ training courses that run throughout the year, Rory also offers 1-to-1 training for those who cannot make it to those courses and for those who’re serious about improving their hypnosis skills, confidence and business.

Whether for stage or street hypnosishypnotherapy, or even to improve your rapid inductions, Rory can help. This 1-to-1 training is completely bespoke and designed specifically for you with your needs in mind. There is no ‘standard format’ for a 1-to-1 training session, as Rory will tailor it on the day so that you get exactly what you need from it, and more!


1-to-1 testimonial

I attended a 1-2-1 for Stage Hypnosis with Rory Z, as I had always had an interest in entertainment based hypnosis and wanted to tick off a bucket-list wish…. I got more than I expected. The cynic in me was alert for a charlatan and was convinced I would/could not be hypnotised etc. I couldn’t have been more wrong on all counts.

From the get-go, I learned fascinating insights and undertook practical demonstrations that had me instantly hooked and forever flagged as an awesome party guest. Thereafter, the deeper insight into hypnosis and it’s potential therapeutic solutions had me completely re-evaluating how I may wish to utilise and further this amazing skillset.

Within 20 minutes of getting home I had successfully hypnotised a very pessimistic family member, sent off for further reading materials and committed to the 2 day course to solidify the knowledge learned in the 1-2-1 with a definite view of undertaking the Hypnotherapy Diploma course in the near future.

As someone that has done a skydive and didn’t instantly fall for the “That’s it, I’m going to quit my career now and become Patrick Swayze in Point Break” – I’m not that easily swayed. But on this, I’m hooked. And that’s a credit to Rory to be able to inspire and convert such an eternal cynic. I left the session somewhat overwhelmed with the possibilities and excited at the prospects. Wonderful. Highly recommended!
— Antony Walker (2018)


Attending a group training is great, and is always a really good opportunity to get hands-on practice with a whole bunch of different people. However, if you're really committed to becoming a great hypnotist… if you wish to refine and perfect your skills… if you want direct critical and constructive feedback to help you become a better hypnotist… if you want to be the very best that you can be… then a 1-to-1 training session with Rory is a great investment.



Session structure & cost

You can book either a half day (5 hours) or a full day (8 hours), which you will personally spend with Rory. It’s recommended that if you’re just looking to learn rapid inductions, then a half-day will suffice. For stage, street or hypnotherapy skills, it’s likely that you’d benefit more from a full day, though this can vary depending on your specific needs and experience.

The investment for a half day 1-to-1 is just £540

For a full day of bespoke training with Rory, it is £875


Book now

To book your 1-to-1 training session, firstly, you need to contact Rory directly (click the ‘contact Rory’ button below) to discuss your needs and to arrange a mutually suitable date:


Once that’s done and Rory has agreed to work with you, you can pay for your session using the PayPal button here, selecting either half or full day.

1-to-1 training - select duration:

Online/telephone 1-to-1 mentoring

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As well as face-to-face 1-to-1 training, Rory also offers shorter, more affordable mentoring services 'remotely'. This is ideal for those hypnotists/hypnotherapists who can't commit to the live 1-to-1 training option as mentioned above. Whatever the topic, a short 1-to-1 mentoring session can often be very helpful, providing many ongoing benefits both for students and experienced practitioners. Some common topics for covered in mentoring discussions include:

  • Refining skills and methods

  • Troubleshooting problems

  • Developing your business

  • Getting more clients/shows



Session structure & cost

Remote 1-to-1 mentoring sessions can be held via Skype or Zoom (or even over the phone, if you'd prefer) and can be booked in 15-minute chunks as required.

15 minutes is the shortest amount of time bookable and full payment must be made in advance of the start of the session. If any 15-minute blocks are unused, they can be carried over to a later mentoring session.

Remote mentoring is billed per 15-minute block and remains at the low cost of £25 per 15-minute block. So, for example, 30 minutes remote 1-to-1 mentoring would cost £50. A full hour would be £100.

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After contacting Rory to initially confirm your requirements and to set a time and date for your mentoring session, all you need to do is, using the PayPal button here, simply select the amount of time that you require (between 15-60 minutes), then select the preferred medium (Skype/Zoom/Phone).

Remote mentoring - select duration:
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Video analysis consultancy

Alongside remote mentoring, Rory also provides ‘video analysis consultancy’, and can review your hypnosis show reels/footage, providing constructive feedback about your performance (which is a great way to hone and develop your show/performance/sessions).

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Getting direct feedback from an experienced professional hypnotist can provide insight beyond what you'll get from just watching your footage yourself, as there are often subtle actions or words that can make a huge difference when included or omitted from the performance of hypnosis. So, this service is for those hypnotists who're serious about being the very best and bringing their hypnosis skills up to the highest possible level.



Structure & cost

Video analysis consultancy is at a cost of £99.60 per hour or £1.66 per minute (the ‘random’ figure is because this is charged on a ‘per minute’ basis and £100 doesn’t divide into 60 very well… ‘1.6666666667’).

The exact cost of video analysis is calculated upon the length of the video (in minutes) that you are submitting (and has a minimum charge of 15 minutes). Here is an example of costs vs. video length:

  • 5 minute video - £24.90

  • 10 minute video = £24.90

  • 15 minute video = £24.90

  • 20 minute video = £33.20

  • 30 minute video = £49.80

  • 40 minute video - £66.40

  • 60 minute video = £99.60

(Note: Video length is rounded to the nearest minute, so a video of 20m 29s is charged at 20 minutes. A video of 20m 31s is charged at 21 minutes.)

Video analysis feedback is provided in written format (by email) and each comment pertaining to a specific point in the video will be annotated as such. General feedback is provided at the end of the email.



Book now

After contacting Rory to initially confirm your requirements, all you need to do is, using the PayPal button here, simply click ‘buy now’. Then, when you reach the ‘checkout page’, change the ‘quantity’ field to match the number of minutes of the video footage you are submitting for video analysis feedback. Once that’s done, Rory will contact you directly within 48 hours.

Price per minute of footage
Number of minutes:

By booking 1-to-1 training, online mentoring or video analysis consultancy you agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions - Please read in full before booking