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I provide bespoke 1-to-1 courses for individuals (or small groups)  who find themselves unable to attend any of my pre-arranged hypnosis courses due to time/distance conflicts.

If you're interested in a personally tailored 1-to-1 training solution, then contact me (click the button below) and we can discuss your options...

Student testimonials

I attended a 1-2-1 for Stage Hypnosis with Rory Z, as I had always had an interest in entertainment based hypnosis and wanted to tick off a bucket-list wish…. I got more than I expected. The cynic in me was alert for a charlatan and was convinced I would/could not be hypnotised etc. I couldn’t have been more wrong on all counts.

From the get-go, I learned fascinating insights and undertook practical demonstrations that had me instantly hooked and forever flagged as an awesome party guest. Thereafter, the deeper insight into hypnosis and it’s potential therapeutic solutions had me completely re-evaluating how I may wish to utilise and further this amazing skillset.

Within 20 minutes of getting home I had successfully hypnotised a very pessimistic family member, sent off for further reading materials and committed to the 2 day course to solidify the knowledge learned in the 1-2-1 with a definite view of undertaking the Hypnotherapy Diploma course in the near future.

As someone that has done a skydive and didn’t instantly fall for the “That’s it, I’m going to quit my career now and become Patrick Swayze in Point Break” – I’m not that easily swayed. But on this, I’m hooked. And that’s a credit to Rory to be able to inspire and convert such an eternal cynic. I left the session somewhat overwhelmed with the possibilities and excited at the prospects. Wonderful. Highly recommended!
— Antony Walker (2018)

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