Hypnosis Blogs

Blog posts from Rory Z are featured on two different blog websites…

Firstly, you have the HypnoTC blog page. This blog is a great free resource for all things hypnotherapy related, whether how to test how deep someone is hypnotised... how to choose a hypnotherapy course... how to find volunteers... and much more...

To check out the HypnoTC blog, simply click the button below:

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Secondly, there’s the Hypnosis-Courses.com blog. This blog is more about hypnosis in general, including therapy, entertainment, and even research and online hypnosis. So, whether you want to learn how to test hypnotic suggestibilitylearn more about hypnosis myths… or learn how to hypnotise someone… there’s a blog here for you!

To check out the Hypnosis-Courses.com blog, simply click the button below:

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You choose what blog comes next

If there are any blog topics you'd like to see that haven't been covered in the 2 blogs above, contact Rory directly to suggest an idea for a new blog post! He’d be happy to write it!