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Learn to do stage & street hypnosis - The Stage & Street Hypnosis Handbook will teach you how to entertain with comedy hypnosis, whether for stage hypnosis shows or impromptu street hypnosis demonstrations. Check it out below…


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Here’s what some of the world’s top professional stage hypnotists had to say about Rory Z’s Stage & Street Hypnosis Handbook:


Learn to do Rapid Hypnosis Inductions - This book will teach you how to quickly and confidently hypnotise people, whether for hypnotherapy or for entertainment purposes:

Learn how to do hypnotherapy - This book is a great introduction to the subject, and suitable for beginners as well as seasoned hypnotherapy students and practitioners:

Rory's Amazon #1 Best Selling weight loss book, Hypno-Fasting, is a combination of two tried-and-tested, highly effective weight loss approaches, and is a great way to lose weight quickly, and permanently...


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Visit the Hypno-Fasting website for more information, FAQs and transformation pictures:

Otherwise you can simply grab your copy now on Amazon:

Sam the Sleepy Sheep is an exciting new book that has been specifically designed to help put children to sleep. The book uses sleep-inducing hypnotic language patterns to easily and effectively get children to close their eyes and go to sleep. Who knew bedtime could be so easy?

Hypnosis Training DVDs

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Learn to do Rapid Hypnosis Inductions with this instructional DVD. Filmed at a live rapid induction training course, this is the next best thing to training with Rory Z in person:

Learn how to do stage & street hypnosis techniques using this awesome instructional DVD. Covering inductions, deepeners, susceptibility testing and how to perform hilarious comedy hypnosis routines:

Hypnotic Language Cards

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If you are interested in learning conversational hypnosis or Ericksonian / indirect language patterns, the HypnoTC Hypnotic Language Cards are your best place to start...

The language patterns presented in these cards are ideal whether you're looking for added effectiveness in formal hypnosis, NLP or coaching sessions, adding an edge to your public speaking and storytelling skills, or perhaps for the increased ability to subtly influence people in your normal daily interactions.

When you buy these cards, you automatically get free access to our online instruction guide that shows you exactly HOW to best use these cards effectively and to integrate the knowledge both consciously and subconsciously for ease of use.

Core Values Cards

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What are core values? They're the ideas and ideals that we all live by. However, some people have no idea what their core values actually are, let alone how to begin to use them to make positive changes in their lives...

These Core Values Cards are designed for therapists to use with clients, but can also be used by individuals to discover their own core values. Knowing the core values of your client is integral during the therapy goal-setting process, and will increase the effectiveness of your therapeutic approach.

These cards come with comprehensive instructions for use (online), and are an invaluable therapy tool that you should definitely add to your existing toolbox!

Hypnosis T-Shirts, Hoodies & Apparel

Our hypnosis-branded clothes are the perfect way to let people know that you're a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist and they are GREAT conversation starters! Click on the designs below, or check out our full range by clicking here: