Marc Savard Stage Hypnosis Training London, UK

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4-Day Intensive Stage Hypnotist Training

Weds 2 - Sat 5 November 2016

Marc Savard is Las Vegas' number 1 stage hypnotist, performing his show 6 nights per week to sell-out crowds. Marc is at the top of the Stage Hypnosis game, and his show has been voted 'Best Comedy Show' in Las Vegas for 2 years running:

Marc performs his world famous hypnosis show in Las Vegas at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood and has been doing so since 2007.

That's 9 years headlining in Vegas! 

Let's Cut to the chase...

If you are already familiar with the world of hypnosis, you'll know that this is a RARE opportunity to train with one of the World's TOP stage hypnotists in London!!! So if you've already made up your mind that you are going to join this training (I don't blame you) - you can skip the rest of this page and simply book now:

(Book now and get a whopping $500 OFF this 4-Day Stage Hypnosis Training Course! ...that's a saving of like £370!)


Need a little more info...?

First, check out this awesome video where I had a chat with the man himself in Vegas about this upcoming UK training course:


...and if that didn't answer all your questions, keep reading:


So, to clarify - Who should sign up?

No experience necessary:

This course is designed with beginners in mind... If you have zero experience with hypnosis and the power of your own mind, this class will give you more knowledge than most hypnotists performing today. You will learn the basics of hypnosis along with many advanced techniques to put you above the competition.

A great choice for experienced hypnotists too:

If you have tons of experience and are a professional hypnotist, this class will offer many advanced techniques, and nuggets that you can take away and implement into your own professional career. Many professional hypnotists come back again and again to this course to learn new tricks and to increase their knowledge, meanwhile adding all this experience into their own shows...

After graduating from this class, you will be able to perform your own hypnosis show with confidence that you learned and trained with the best:


What is Marc going to be teaching on the course?

Marc is going to be covering everything you need to know to take you from layman (or laywoman) to stage hypnotist extraordinaire!

Here's an extensive list of all the subjects Marc will be covering on this 4 day intensive stage hypnosis training course:

  • Dispelling Hypnotic Myths
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis
  • Use Of The Voice
  • What Is It About Hypnosis?
  • Hypnotic Realities
  • Definitions Of Hypnosis
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Rules That Re-Write the Subconscious Mind
  • Principles Of Hypnotic Inductions
  • Physical Signs Of Trance
  • Key Points To Induction
  • Post Suggestion To Re-Hypnosis
  • The 5 Levels Of Hypnosis
  • The 8 Deepening Techniques
  • Styles Of Inductions
  • Awakening Procedure
  • Depth Of Trance
  • Landmarks Of Depth
  • Volunteer Testing And Deepening
  • Monologue And Pre-Induction Talk
  • Overcoming “Resistance”
  • Pre-Induction Overload
  • Overload Techniques
  • Show Introduction
  • Anatomy Of A Show
  • Inviting Volunteers Up On Stage
  • Common Mistakes Hypnotists Make When Calling Up -Volunteers
  • Things To Do If You Are Not Getting Enough Volunteers
  • Selecting Volunteers
  • How To Line Up Your Volunteers
  • Rules For Dismissing Volunteers
  • Volunteer Safety
  • Steps To Writing Routines
  • Building Momentum In Routines
  • Types Of Routines
  • Kinds Of Suggestions
  • Important Key Points To Group Routines
  • Routines To Stay Away From
  • Building A Show Set List
  • Common Ways To End Your Show
  • Finale
  • Things You Should Not Do After Your Show Is Over
  • Things You Should Never Do On Stage
  • Hypnotist’s Persona

You will be required to participate in class, practice hypnotizing others, and be hypnotized yourself. For this training to be effective, your participation and feedback is required. Your comments, observations and questions are used to evaluate the course and your comprehension of the material.

Marc will bring out your best! Your class will be a high-energy, information packed learning experience, and teach you everything you need to further your hypnosis career. Marc and his team are dedicated to the growth and success of every student and will listen carefully to your concerns and questions and take the time ensure you understand the information and how to use it. Most of all you can expect to have fun!


Only sign up if you want to be the best...

If you're serious about wanting to learn the art and business of stage hypnosis, then Marc Savard's 4-day training course in London this November is your absolute best opportunity to learn with one of the leaders in the field of stage hypnosis.

If you want to be the best, you need to train with the best... that is Marc Savard.

Check out this video with some clips of Marc's training along with some quick testimonials from past students:


Student Testimonials

"Marc put's his heart and soul into this course. He teaches you more than he should and gives away a lot of his own trade secrets. If you are serious about Stage Hypnosis then Marc's course is the BEST there is. What you get for your small investment is INCREDIBLE."
- Rodney Pattison, Hypnotist
"Marc is both knowledgeable and passionate about the art and science of hypnosis. He has soooooo much knowlege, I truly felt that Marc held nothing back, giving us those little secrets that make his show so successful! I consider Marc both my friend and mentor, and will attend his class as a refresher each and every year he offers it!"
- Hypnotist Darin Frazier
"I highly recommend Marc Savard's class if you're considering becoming a stage hypnotist.
Between the conclusion of the class and now, I have performed for corporate events, on a military base, more birthday parties than I can count,reunions,high school and college functions, holiday celebrations, charity fund-raisers and events for service organizations. I am performing 3 shows on Broadway (yes, as in NY) and one on the Upper east side, in 2 weeks. I hit the ground running and am doing very well in a career I never in a million years expected to be doing.
Marc is organized, thorough,a top notch pro who teaches his craft with extraordinary expertise.He's remarkable! I owe the path I am on to his mentoring."
- Marsha Starr 'The Hypno Diva'

Book your place now - Save $500 (like £370)

Strand Palace Hotel, London, UK
2-5 November 2016 (4 days)




(You can pay for this course in 3 installments, click the button below for full payment options.)


A word on your investment in yourself

"The investment of $1999 can easily be made back.  If you book shows at a measly $500, you need 4 shows to recoup your investment.  Name a career other than exotic dancing in Las Vegas where you can make your initial investment back faster than this?  I can’t think of one at the moment.  My original hypnotherapy investment from 20 years ago has been paid back to me thousands and thousands of times."


Marc looks forward to meeting you in London this November!