Rory Z & Matt Hale
2-Day Intensive Stage Hypnosis Training
Summer 2019 - London, UK

Course Full - Registration Closed!

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A unique training opportunity


This 2-day stage hypnosis training course has never happened before (and may never happen again). You’re going to get the opportunity to spend a whole weekend with both Matt and Rory, who will be teaching you their secrets of stage hypnosis. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll get hypnotised… but most importantly, you’ll be getting a LOT of practice!

Put the date in your diary now - 1st/2nd June 2019 - because you’re not gonna want to miss your chance to join this course…



Watch this first:

Before you read on, check out this quick video of Matt and Rory talking about their upcoming UK training course:


More about Matt Hale…

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Australian hypnotist Matt Hale is one of the world's busiest stage hypnotists, performing his shows internationally all year round.

Matt is one of Australia’s most sought after stage hypnotists, frequently selling out his theatre shows, and not just in Australia, but also in the UK, Asia and all over the world. He has hypnotised thousands of people on the ocean (aboard huge cruise ships) and frequently appears on Australian TV and radio.

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Matt has won 3 national comedy awards for his hypnosis shows and has been featured by the UK tabloids, BBC, ABC, Today Tonight as well as being included in the National Film and Sound Archive and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Matt Hale is at the top of the ‘hypnosis business’. He’s widely respected in the industry and is a great role model for any aspiring stage hypnotist…

…and you have the chance to train with him in 2019…

More about Rory Z…

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Rory Z is a UK-based international stage/street hypnotist, hypnotherapist, hypnosis trainer and Amazon best-selling author (yes, for a hypnosis book).

Rory is a highly experienced hypnotic entertainer and has performed hypnosis shows and street hypnosis all over the world, from the UK to Europe, the USA, Asia and even Australia... He now spends the majority of his time teaching other people how to do hypnosis.

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Rory has built a reputation as one of the UK’s most prolific hypnosis trainers and is an expert in the field. His training products have won awards and he has been featured in the mainstream media by the BBC, Men’s Health, LadBible, the Daily Mail and more.

With over 13+ years of experience performing and teaching hypnosis, Rory's hypnosis training courses are second to none.


Who should sign up for this course?

This 2-day stage hypnotist training course has been specifically designed for people who are 100% committed and serious about building (or further developing) a successful career in stage hypnosis.

It’s for those outstanding individuals who truly want to become pro stage hypnotists, and who want to book shows all year round, travelling the country (and even the world) whilst making a great living from it.

So, if you’re highly motivated and want to succeed in your hypnosis career… If you are passionate about hypnosis and you love to entertain… If your goal is to actually set up your stage hypnosis business and do it properly, then you need to join this course!

Perfect for ‘stage hypnosis newbies’

If you’re new to the world of stage hypnosis, this course will set you up for success, giving you all the knowledge and skills you need in order to become a successful, confident hypnotic performer. You will learn the basics of stage hypnosis along with many advanced nuggets of information as well as the marketing skills and tools to put you miles above the competition.

A great choice for experienced stage hypnotists too

Perhaps you already have some experience and you’ve been performing stage hypnosis shows for a while? If so, this course will help you step it up and take your shows (and your business) to the next level. As well as getting a great refresher and a different perspective on your show, you’ll also learn how to get more business, expand your reach and to make more money from the shows that you’re already performing!

So, wherever you’re at right now, if you want to learn how to perform your own hypnosis shows with confidence, get more out of your current shows or even make your comedy hypnosis business more lucrative, this is the course for you.

Come along and train with the best…


SOME experience necessary!

As mentioned, this course has been designed for both ‘stage hypnosis newbies’ as well as already-practising stage hypnotists looking to ‘up their game’... That said, if you have absolutely zero hypnosis experience (i.e. no experience at all), then you’ll need to sort that out before the weekend starts and learn the basics before you come along!

We won’t be teaching ‘the basics of hypnosis’ or ‘how to hypnotise’ during the weekend, because that’s not what this course is about (it’s about performing stage hypnosis confidently and effectively, and building a successful business doing it). So, it’s expected that you will have a working knowledge of how to hypnotise people before joining the course.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to ‘slow down’ or stop to explain the basics to anyone that hasn’t learned, as this would be a poor use of course time. So, it’s up to you to ensure that you know how hypnosis works, that you know how to hypnotise, and that you’ve actually practised hypnotising people already, before attending the weekend.

…that said, don’t worry if you have zero hypnosis experience right now, because we’ve got you covered…

No experience? No problem!

To get ‘up to speed’ and learn the basics of hypnosis (as well as getting some practice), you can join one of Rory’s 1-day rapid induction courses (one of which has been scheduled for the day before this stage hypnosis weekend, on Friday 31st May 2019).

By attending this additional day, you’ll learn all about the basics of hypnosis, suggestibility testing and how to hypnotise people. You’ll also have a bunch of hands-on practice doing just that!

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This pre-course training is mandatory if you have no practical hypnosis experience (i.e. if you don’t know about hypnosis and have never hypnotised anyone). This is because if you don’t understand the basics, you will not be able to keep up, and won’t be able to participate in class.

We want you to get the best out of this stage hypnosis training weekend, so please be honest, and if you need to learn/brush up on the basics, then join this pre-course training. Details of how you can book this additional day when you sign up to the full stage hypnosis course are provided below.

A note on ‘Participation’

You will be required to participate in class, practising hypnotising others, and being hypnotised yourself. For the ‘practical’ aspect of this training to be effective, your participation and feedback is required.

Matt and Rory will be teaching you everything you need to further your hypnosis career. They offer a high-energy, information packed learning experience, that above all is very practical!


What is going to be covered on the course?


Rory and Matt are going to be covering everything you need to know to take you from layman (or laywoman) to stage hypnotist extraordinaire!

Here's a list of some of the subjects that will be covered on this 2-day intensive stage hypnosis training course:


The Show

  • Overall show structure

  • Pre-show/introduction

  • A bulletproof pre-talk

  • Selecting the best volunteers

  • The best stage hypnosis induction

  • Routines (and how to create them)

  • How to end the show professionally

  • Delivering effective post hypnotic suggestions

  • Hypnosis show demonstration & breakdown

  • How to rehearse

  • Dealing with the unexpected


The Business

  • From booking to showtime - how to look like a pro

  • Booking venues (and paying less/nothing)

  • How to charge much more for your show

  • How to get your first booking (even when you're unknown)

  • How to get more bookings

  • Equipment, props and safety

  • Promoting your hypnosis shows

  • Getting media coverage

  • Monetising your show (selling products)


As mentioned before, this course is for those who’re looking to get out there and earn a great living by booking and performing stage hypnosis shows. Once you have a great show written, you’re halfway there… Then you need to find places to perform your show and find people to fill those places… This is why Matt and Rory will be covering masses on the business of stage hypnosis as well as how to put on a great show. As you’ll come to learn, both of these elements are equally important if you want to become a successful comedy hypnotist.

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A day in the life of a busy stage hypnotist


Want to know what being a successful comedy hypnotist is like?
Then take a look at this video for a day in the life of Matt Hale…


Only sign up if you want to be the best...

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If you're serious about wanting to learn the art and business of stage hypnosis, then this 2-day training course in London is your absolute best opportunity to learn with two of the leaders in the field of hypnosis.

If you want to be the best, you need to train with the best...

Here’s what some of Rory’s past stage hypnosis students had to say:

Having been on many of his courses before I can’t recommend this highly enough. He jam packed a lot of information into the 2 days and it was paced well for both beginners and more seasoned hands.
— Jason Simmons - UK Stage Hypnotist
jason circle.png
Such a comprehensive introduction to stage hypnosis, including the technical hows of it all, the ideas behind how to create a compelling and entertaining show, and for giving us a safe (and fun) space in which to actually try out what we were learning!
— Keith Blakemore-Noble - UK Stage Hypnotist
keith circle.png
If your thinking about becoming a stage hypnotist this course is 100% what you need! I started out knowing nothing about hypnosis! After the 2 days training, now I can proudly say that I have a successful comedy Stage Hypnosis business and have never looked back.
— Dylan Lovegrove - UK Stage Hypnotist
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2-Day Stage & Street Hypnosis Training with Matt Hale & Rory Z


SAT 1 & SUN 2 June 2019

Just £699


This is a ‘one=off’ course and is unlikely to ever be happening again. We aren’t offering any future dates, and we will not be recording a video of the course. So, if you want to attend and benefit from this amazing training opportunity, you just have one chance; June 2019. There are limited places available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

(Note: Venue is a 1-min walk from Embankment tube station)

A word on your investment in yourself

This course is specifically designed to make you money, as such, you can think of it as an investment in yourself and your stage hypnosis career. The course fee of £699 can quickly and easily be made back. For example, if you sell your shows at a (super low) rate of £200, you’ll only need 4 shows to recoup this investment. However, £200 is low! Matt recently performed a hypnosis show at a sports club in the UK for £800 (for a standard 1-hour show)!

In fact £800 is a fraction of Matts normal show fee, yet it’s more than 4 times what most hypnotists in the UK charge per show!!! It’s not magic, it’s business and for the investment of £699, you can learn to do this too!

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Both Rory and Matt travel internationally with their careers in hypnosis and hypnosis is their only form of income. It is entirely possible to make a great living from hypnosis and performing comedy hypnosis shows. So, if you’re truly committed to becoming a professional stage hypnotist, it’s time to invest in yourself…

Book your place

When booking, if you already have experience with hypnosis, please choose the ‘Weekend (2 day) course ticket’ payment option. However, if you need to learn the basics before the course (or brush up and get some more practice), please book the ‘Weekend+Friday (3 day) course ticket’ payment option in order to ensure that you get the most out of this amazing training weekend:

IMPORTANT: Course confirmation/location/instructions will be emailed to your PayPal E-mail Address

By booking a place you agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions [CLICK] - please read in full before booking





Can't make it to the course?

If you really can't make any of the available course dates, or if you'd prefer a more personal training solution, Rory Z offers bespoke 1-to-1 training courses.