Rapid Induction Hypnosis Training

***No 2019 dates available - 2020 dates TBC***

Did you miss it?

If you missed out on the 2019 rapid induction courses, don’t worry, you do still have a couple of options to learn rapid inductions with Rory this year. Firstly, day 1 of Rory’s 2-day stage & street hypnosis 101 course covers rapid inductions, so that’s definitely a great option (and it’s happening this November). Otherwise, Rory offers bespoke 1-to-1 rapid induction training, which means you can learn rapid inductions with Rory all to yourself, and the training is tailored specifically to your needs and strengths. Click the buttons below for full details of each option:

Whether you are looking to use rapid-hypnosis for hypnotherapy or for entertainment, this is the ideal course for you to gain experience with instant hypnosis and rapid induction hypnosis techniques and a whole day of hands-on practice. YOU will be hypnotising people!


Whether you know a little bit about hypnosis already or even if you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis – that’s fine, because students of all abilities are welcome. Even if you’re a hypnotherapist and never intend to do any stage/street hypnosis, that’s fine too because these instant hypnosis skills are a very useful tool to add to your hypnotherapy repertoire… (and a great ‘convincer’ when a prospective client asks you to ‘show me something’).

...and needless to say; if you ARE looking to become a stage or street hypnotist, this is the best place to start!

People from all over the world have attended Rory Z's rapid induction hypnosis training courses, often flying from Europe, Asia, America and even as far as Australia to train with Rory in the UK. As such, you can rest assured that you are getting some of the very best rapid induction training available today, and anyone is welcome to sign up. We welcome students from all cultures, careers and lifestyles.


You should book a place on this course because you will learn to quickly, confidently and easily hypnotise real people in any place at any time. There’s a huge difference between learning to hypnotise from a hypnosis book / hypnosis DVD and actually taking part in one of our live hypnosis training courses!

This course is by far the best way to easily and quickly develop your hypnosis skills. Training with Rory Z is a fun, easy-learning experience where you’ll benefit from Rory's years of hypnosis knowledge and a practical, hands-on style of training, as seen here:

Another reason (if you need one) is that we’ve decided to knock over £70 OFF the course price, and also, if you book with a friend or three you can save ANOTHER 5-15% EACH off the already RIDICULOUSLY REDUCED price! Now that’s an awesome deal!

This course follows a practical format, so NO, it’s not a boring “lecture” course – you will be getting stuck in and you will be hypnotising people using rapid inductions! So if you don’t want to actually Hypnotise real people, DON’T BOOK A PLACE ON THIS COURSE!!!

What will I learn on this course?

Check out this short video where Rory breaks down exactly what’s covered on his world famous rapid induction course:


Why Choose Rory Z?

There are lots of people out there trying to teach rapid hypnosis, and many of them are doing a terrible job of it. Though these so-called "trainers" may sometimes know the skills, many of them struggle to actually teach said skills to their unfortunate students, and end up just demonstrating how good they are at doing it... That type of course is a total waste of time & money because you're not paying to watch other people do rapid inductions, you want to sign up to learn to do it yourself!

Rory Z is one of the very best rapid induction trainers in the world, and through his years of experience performing and teaching hypnosis, Rory's rapid induction course has been developed (and is constantly improved) so that it is now second to none. The rapid methods taught are refined, simple and above all; they work, and they are taught in a way that is easy to understand and easy to practice, whether you're intellectual or not, whether you're critical, hands-on, analytical, practical, a total layman or a seasoned therapist, the way that Rory Z teaches is designed specifically so that everyone attending the course will learn these skills, and you will learn them as easily and effortlessly as possible!

But please don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our past-students thought about the course:

Student Testimonials

I have done 3 of Rory’s courses now and I must say I am always learning something new. His workshops are theoretical but mostly practical. I have been on other hypnosis workshops where it is all theory. With Rory you learn and practice by way of a demonstration and questions to determine your understanding of what he has demonstrated. Another thing I’ve noticed is on various courses some teachers say when asked a question “We’ll cover that later” but you know they won’t. Rory’s word is good. He does what he says he will do. I have always come away confident to use the techniques learnt and there is also a day of laughter to relax those who are a bit nervous. Fun times.
— Robert Anthony (London 2019)
Hi Rory, I loved last Fridays workshop. You are a great presenter and hypnotist. Although I have watched and studied most of the methods elsewhere it was another thing practicing them with my fellow hypnotists to be. Thanks so much!
— Yannis (London 2019)
I attended the rapid course on Saturday and wanted to say what an amazing day. Your a great presenter. I bought the Hypnosis 101 DVD earlier and its a great DVD but no substitute for learning and practicing in person. Im looking forward to this being the start of my hypno journey. Once more, an awesome day, thank you!
— Jon Milner (London 2017)
Thanks Rory - a really good, high energy workshop. A very enjoyable day!
— Giles Geeson (London 2017)
It was great to meet you on Saturday in London. I have read lots of books and watched the DVD’s but nothing prepared me for your hands on approach. As a complete novice and never been hypnotised or hypnotised others your course was a breath of fresh air. The ‘Hands On’ & ‘Do It’ approach was just what I needed. You gave the perfect balance between explanation and practice. Thanks again.
— Trevor Thairs (London 2016)
Thank you for the course in London (cracking venue by the way - keep that up, makes so much more impact than a smelly Holiday Inn!) I really enjoyed the day and how practical it was. I got everything that I wanted to gain from it and learned a few extra things along the way! Loved your fresh, swearing approach! :) Cheers!
— Simon (London 2016)
Just to say I had a blast today mate…great to meet with you and I look forward to reading both your books and getting practising…already I am feeling really confident with the techniques learned and that is due to your teaching style…very effective! Thanks again mate and I will see you again soon.
— T. Long (London 2016)
Thank you for a great course yesterday I throughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I started reading your hypnotherapy book on the way home on the train and its very refreshing and honest compared to other books I have read and courses attended.
— Tom (London 2016)
I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the great rapid hypnosis course you gave in London on Saturday. I found it really fascinating to put everything I have read in your book to practice and actually feel hypnosis myself.
— Michael Beeson (London 2015)
What I enjoyed most in Rory’s class is jumping in and doing it over and over and over, not being allowed the time to get scared and run away, and actually doing it. It felt so good!
— Teya Graves (Las Vegas 2015)
Thank you for a fun and informative day at the Rapid Inductions workshop. I really like your informal knowledgeable style and it makes it really easy to pick up the skills and start using them. I even hypnotised a friend last night who didn’t believe me you can learn the skills in just one day! Result! You rock!
— Jin (London 2019)
Rory did a great job teaching such a diverse group. I came hoping to regain my confidence as a Hypnotherapist, which I was beginning to lose (along with my faith in people). JOB DONE!

Thank you so much, the hypnotherapy world NEEDS guys like you.
— Lee Holland (London 2019)
Just a quick note to thank you for what was an amazing day last Saturday. Not only did I learn masses, the practical experience has given me so much confidence. It was the confidence boost I needed and I am extremely grateful. A powerful day thank you!
— Andy Coyle (London 2017)
I must admit it was a long way for me to come (South Wales) and I was thinking “will it be worth it?” Well there is only one answer, YES. Having been a hypnotherapist for 3 years and trained using scripts and progressive relaxation, I was fascinated to learn a different way. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy with my style and I was getting great result with my clients.

Since taking the course I have introduced rapid inductions into my practice and the feedback from clients is really positive, it’s as if they almost expect you to use this style, as this is what they see online or at stage shows. My advice to anyone in my position is to take the course and keep an open mind about when to use rapid over progressive, you may not use it with every client. One thing that will happen, is once you use rapid inductions your confidence will grow, and your clients confidence in you will grow.

Rory is a great trainer and you get to use your new skills very quickly on the day. It is not a theory based day, you will be working with others straight away, again building your confidence. It’s also great fun! My rating would be 5 stars - ☆☆☆☆☆
— David Finch (London 2016)
Everything in your book does work, I just needed someone to practice on. I was successful with almost everyone today. The musical chairs at the end was inspired. Thanks for a great day out.
— Jeffrey (London 2016)
Thank you so much for a very enjoyable day yesterday on your Rapid Inductions course. I have taken away lots of new knowledge which is most certainly going to help me achieve even more!
— Jane (Leeds 2015)
Thank you very much for a brilliant day, the way you come across and the very modern approach to learning hypnosis, I feel I can move on a lot quicker now.
— P Banks (London 2015)
Thanks for a great day of training, simplifying and demystifying rapid inductions. It has given me a much better understanding of what I’m doing, as well as how and why, so I’m feeling confident and ready to get stuck in. Your genuine desire to share the techniques in a straightforward, interesting way is obvious, when there are so many other trainers out there who seem intent on making matters more complex and intimidating than they should be!
— Bernice (Brighton 2015)

Upcoming Course Dates

1-Day Rapid Induction Hypnosis Training

LONDON: Embankment
***2020 Dates TBC***

(Venue is a 1-min walk from Embankment tube station)


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Can't make it to the course?

If you really can't make any of the available course dates, or if you'd prefer a more personal training solution, Rory Z offers bespoke 1-to-1 training courses.

Stage/Street Hypnosis Training

If you're looking to learn stage/street hypnosis skills, please visit the Stage & Street Hypnosis training page for more information and upcoming courses.