Stage & Street Hypnosis 101

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As a hypnotist (or even a hypnotherapist), we are often asked to demonstrate 'the powers of hypnosis', and as well we should... Hypnosis demonstrations can be a great way to promote yourself, whether helping to create online media content (i.e. pics and videos for your social channels), engaging with new potential clients, or generally just as a great way to entertain, amaze and inform!

This 2-day course has been designed to teach you how to get to grips with the basics of using hypnosis for entertainment purposes in social settings, whether with friends, strangers or even potential hypnotherapy clients. Also for those people who are looking to become professional stage hypnotists or expand on existing stage/street hypnosis knowledge....

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This course is not only a great introduction into the world of 'entertainment hypnosis' but also a great way to refresh and build your suggestion skills, your hypnotic delivery, your understanding of stage hypnosis techniques, and your confidence in more effectively using hypnosis whatever the area, be it stage, street or therapy!

This course does not focus on the 'business setup' aspects or the 'stage management' side of stage hypnosis, but only the practical skills required to entertain and amaze with hypnosis...

...those skills that will help you to actually go out and DO IT!

So, what will I learn on the course?

On DAY 1 of the Stage & Street Hypnosis 101 course, you will learn how to pick volunteers (suggestibility/susceptibility testing), how to Hypnotise people FAST (rapid inductions), how to use rapid trance deepening methods, and how to “deprogram” and wake up volunteers. 

On DAY 2 of the Stage & Street Hypnosis 101 course, you will learn a stage hypnosis-style 'rapid progressive' induction, you will create your own quick 'pre-talk', you will learn how to recognise and achieve different types of hypnotic phenomena, and how to create funny skits & sketches (sticking people to the floor, making them forget their names/numbers, making them believe they’ve won the lottery, etc…). You will be practicing these techniques in class.

Group 'suggestibility test' practice

Group 'suggestibility test' practice

A lot of time, experience and research has gone into making this course the very best option for you to learn stage & street hypnosis skills, covering more in 2 days than many trainers could ever expect to cover, whilst keeping the course-content in-depth, fun and highly practical.

Once again to clarify: This course does not cover stage set-up / show management / business information, but only the practical aspects of how to get people doing fun stuff using hypnotic suggestion!

Who can book a place on this course?

Whether you know a little bit about hypnosis already or even if you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis, that’s fine because students of all abilities are welcome. The course has been specifically designed so that people of all backgrounds and skill-levels will be able to understand and participate.

This 2-day course is tailored to those people who are actually looking to entertain with hypnosis, but also, for those hypnotherapists who are looking to deepen their understanding of how to deliver hypnotic suggestions or perform impromptu demonstrations for clients.

(...contrary to what some trainers/therapists say, it is definitely a good idea for hypnotherapists to have a working knowledge of stage hypnosis.)

Rory Z performing 'street hypnosis' in Las Vegas

Rory Z performing 'street hypnosis' in Las Vegas

  • If you just want to learn Rapid Inductions and you're not interested in learning how you can use hypnosis for entertainment purposes / learning how to develop your 'suggestion skills', then sign up for the Rapid Induction 1-day course instead [click here]

  • If you are thinking about signing up to the course just to 'experience hypnosis', again, you're going to want to go for the Rapid Induction 1-day course instead [click here] because this weekend course is a bit more in depth than the 1-day course

  • If you don’t actually want any kind of understanding of how and why stage / street hypnosis works at all, this course definitely ain’t for you (...and why are you even reading this???)

  • If, however, you DO actually want to be a confident hypnotist (or hypnotherapist)… If you DO want to learn how to give awesome hypnosis demonstrations, or put on a show (whether on stage, parties, on the street, in the therapy room, or anywhere else)… If you DO want to learn how you can have fun with hypnosis… If you DO want to learn how to more effectively create and deliver suggestions... This DEFINITELY IS the course for you!


Why do I need to do a course?

There’s a huge difference between reading a hypnosis book or watching a hypnosis DVD and actually taking a hypnosis course to learn how to hypnotise effectively. Although those other methods can work, this course is by far the best way to easily and quickly develop your hypnosis skills, because on this course you’ll actually be doing hypnosis with real people, just like these guys and girls at a previous Stage & Street Hypnosis 101 course:

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You should book a place on this 2-day course because you will learn to quickly, confidently and easily hypnotise in any place at any time. You will also learn how to come up with hypnotic suggestions and how to effectively deliver them to create entertaining stage/street hypnosis-style routines and sketches.

The course follows a practical format, so; NO! It’s not a boring “lecture” course, you will be getting stuck in! You will be hypnotising people! So if you don’t want to actually hypnotise real people then DON’T book a place on the course!

Rory Z has a tonne of real-world experience actually doing hypnosis. When selecting a course, it's always important to know that your trainers can DO what you are looking to learn. Here's a clip of Rory Z in action, performing impromptu-hypnosis:


(Note: it is a long video...)

Training with Rory Z is a fun, easy-learning process where you’ll benefit from Rory's years of hypnosis experience and a highly practical, hands-on style of training. Another thing that sets this course apart from others on the market is the opportunity to get direct feedback from Rory as you practice throughout the weekend.

A final reason (if you need one) is that you can now get a whopping £150 OFF the course price!!! Also, if you book with a friend or three, you can save an additional 5-15% OFF the already ridiculously reduced price! that’s an awesome deal!

Student Testimonials

Rory I did my first Hypnotist Stage Show after your training 3 weeks ago... it was a success! Thank you so much! You are the best!
— Aron White - Mentalist Dubai (Nov 2018)
Hi Rory, and a big thanks to you. It was 2 wonderful days, and I left London with a big and strong self confidence. Now I feel that I can really do this, so I just have to practise and practice. So once again, a really big thanks. ! You’re a pro.
— Lasse Stenwall (Nov 2018)
I’ve spent the past weekend training on Rory Fulcher’s Stage and Street hypnosis course. Having known Rory for a number of years and having been on many of his courses before I can’t recommend this highly enough. He jam packed a lot of information into the 2 days and it was paced well for both beginners and more seasoned hands.

If you’re considering hypnosis and you want to learn how to deliver it for entertainment purposes to your friends, family or even on the stage you won’t go wrong by joining this course.
— Jason Simmons (June 2018)
Hi Rory, wanted to say what a fantastic, informative, educational and enlighting weekend your Street and Stage hypnosis course was... Will recommend it to anyone with an interest in such things as your course is relaxed, gives something for everyone and helped me step up in confidence... Great value for money, fantastic experience, will be seeing you again soon. Thanks Ian
— Ian Smith (June 2018)
Hi Rory, It’s been just over a week now since I’ve followed your street hypnosis workshop. I just like to thank you again for this eye-opening experience! I’m not into Street Hypnosis, but what I’ve learned is of great importance for what I’m intended to do.
Coming over from Belgium was worth the money and time!
— Anton (May 2017)
Amazing course, very practical so you leave with all the tools you need to go out continue to practice and actually perform your own shows! Met some amazing people on the course also, some of whom I’ve stayed in touch with and many are now doing there own shows. If that’s the position you want to find yourself in then this is the course for you.
— Michael Beeson (July 2015)
Warning! Do not attend this training! I attended it, and literally 2 weeks later I was performing my own hypnosis show for a private party - which they all thoroughly enjoyed. As a result of that, I was booked for a charity fundraiser, and things have just gone on from there - I’m being flown out to Italy next year to perform at a wedding.

This is all Rory’s fault for providing such a comprehensive introduction to stage hypnosis including the technical hows of it all, the ideas behind how to create a compelling and entertaining show, and for giving us a safe (and fun) space in which to actually try out what we were learning there and then, getting invaluable feedback.

I’m also blaming him for me meeting many interesting people on the course and developing some awesome friendships with like-minded people, and even forming a show partnership.

So unless you want to learn the secrets behind being a successful stage and street hypnotist, unless you want to meet and hang out with very cool likeminded people, and unless you want to learn from an awesome hypnotist, avoid this course!
— Keith Blakemore-Noble (July 2015)
If you want to learn how to become a stage hypnotist then this is the course for you, even if you have never hypnotised anyone before then this is still the course for you, you will learn everything you’ll need to know to get out there and make a name for yourself, you’ll meet many like minded people so you’ve always got someone to bounce ideas off of and also if you have any questions then you’ve got 1 of the best hypnotists of this generation at your disposal! Highly recommend this course!
— Paddy MrPaddster Jordan (July 2015)
If your thinking about becoming a stage hypnotist this course is 100% what you need! I started out knowing nothing about hypnosis! After the 2 days training with Rory Z, I left the course with full knowledge and confidence in the skills I had been shown and now I can proudly say that with Rory’s training I have a successful comedy Stage Hypnosis business and have never looked back. Rory Z is a very skilled hypnotist in hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis and without his superb training I wouldn’t be where I am today.
— Dylan Lovegrove (July 2015)

Upcoming Course Dates

As well as the UK dates (below), Rory is also running this course in Las Vegas at the HypnoThoughts Live 2019 convention in Las Vegas in August. For more information on that, CLICK HERE. Otherwise, check out the UK dates below:


LONDON: Embankment
 23/24 November 2019
EARLYBIRD RATE: Just £215 (Usually £250)!

(Venue is a 1-min walk from Embankment tube station)

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